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1.- Are you sure there is not a legal problem to sell your property?

2.- Do you have the necessary tools to determine the proper price of your property?

3.- Besides the price, do you know the ideal sales conditions to offer your property for sale?

4.- Capital gains tax: Have you have any idea how much you have to pay, deductions and exceptions that are applicable?

5.- Do you know the adequate sources to promote your property?

6.- Do you have a highly respected worldwide recognized organization to back you and attract buyers?

7.- Would you allow any stranger in to your house considering the risk involved?

8.- Can you afford the luxury to invest days, weeks, even months showing your property to all people that call you?

9.- Do you know how to professionally show your property to obtain the desired result?

10.- Do you have the knowledge to qualify a buying prospect and to give him the attention and adequate follow up?

11.- Can you detect a real objection and handle it properly?

12.- Do you have the ability and necessary technique to successfully negotiate the sale of your property?

13.- Do you know how to close the sale of your property?

14.- Do you consider that a person interested in buying your property will be willing to hand you a large sum of money just like that?

15.- If you were offered money to secure a sales agreement contract, under what criteria would you make it without legally risking your property?

16.- When you decide to proceed with a sales operation, do you have a ready-made document to protect you legally?

17.- Can you professionally advise buyer of all his legal rights and obligations to purchase properly under Mexican law?

18.- Do you know all the Notary red tape so that your closing runs smoothly and without problems?

19.- Do you know how and when you should give possession of the property to buyer without incurring in a legal problem?

20.- Do you have a professional team to back you in the sale of your property?

21.- Are you sure you are not missing vital datails that are very important when you sell the property?

The answer to these 21 questions are the same ...!!

You Century 21 AccessMex sales associate, has all the necessary information to help you resolve in a convenient an successful maner any real estate transaction. Le the Century 21 AccessMex team take charge of your real estate needs.